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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crochet Hello Kitty Adult Hat

Crochet Hello Kitty Adult Hat

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Crochet Hat sizes with this Double crochet pattern
Newborn baby head circumference, 13" - 14", Hat height = 5.5 to 6"= D hook, 
Baby 3 to 6 months, Head Cir, 14" - 17 ", Hat height= 6.5 - 7"=E hook, 
baby 6-12 months, 16"-19" head cir., hat length=6.5-7"=F hook,
toddler-preschooler (12 months-3 yrs), 18"-20" head cir., hat length=7" =G hook, 
child 3-10 yrs, head cir., 19"-20 1/2 "", hat length= 7.5"=H hook, 
teens, head cir., 20 1/2"-22", hat length, 7.5-8"=I hook, 
Adult women, 21.5"-22.5", hat length, 8"= J

J and G hook
Red heart white, yellow, black, and pink yarn

dc=double crochet
sc=single crochet
sl st=slip stitch

Instructions: J hook white yarn for the body
ch 5- slip stitch to form a ring,

rnd 1. ch 3 (Counts as first Dc), 11 dc in ring, join with sl st. on top of ch 3. -12 sts.
rnd 2. ch 2, (Counts as first Dc), dc in same st. as joining, 2dc in each st. around. join with sl st on top of chain 2. -24 sts.
rnd 3. ch 2, (Counts as first Dc), *2dc in next st., dc in the next stitch, repeat from *around, join with sl st. -36 sts.
rnd 4. ch 2, (Counts as first Dc), dc in the next st., 2dc in the next st., *dc in the next two stitches, 2dc in the next stitch, repeat from *around, join with sl st. -48 sts.
rnd 5. ch 2,(Counts as first Dc), dc in the 2 next two sts., 2dc in the next stitch; *dc in the next 3 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch.  repeat from * around, join (60 sts)
rnds 6- Continue with, *ch2, dc in each st around, join *Repeat to the length that is about 8 inches long or to your desired length. slip stitch .

Trim: Change colors; add pink colored yarn with J hook, single crochet around the trim (bottom of the hat) and sl st. 

Eyes: Make 2 Eyes, leave a long tail to sew onto the hat. 
black yarn, G hook,
rnd 1. chain 2, Work 10sc in the 2nd chain from the hook. Join sl st.

Bow: Pink yarn G hook
row 1. ch 12, sc in the 2nd chain from the hook and each stitch to the end,ch 1, turn 
rows 2-4. *sc in each chain across working in the back loops only, ch 1 turn, * repeat sc in all stitches around the border of the bow. take yarn and wrap it around the center about 8-10 times or so to make the center of the bow and secure and weave in the ends

Whiskers: Use three black pieces on yarn on each side of the face of the kitty. Each Whiskers measures 1 1/2 inches. Sew them on individually and tie them on inside the hat. place the whisker next to the eyes, about 1/2 inch away on both sides.

Nose: G hook, Yellow yarn, leave a long tail to sew onto the hat 
rnd 1. chain 2, Work 10 sc in the 2nd chain from the hook. join sl st.


Make 2, white yarn,  G hook

1. Ch 2. sc in the 2nd chain from the hook 6 times, sl st. (6sc)

2. Ch 1, sc  in each stitch around. (6sc) work in continual rounds, use a marker to keep track.

3. 2sc in each sc around.  (12sc)

4. sc in each stitch around. (12sc)

5. *2sc in next st, 1 sc*Repeat around.(18sc)

6. sc in each stitch around (18sc).

7. *2sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts*Repeat around. (24sc)

8.  sc in each stitch around (24sc) sl st. Fasten off

Sew the ears on top of the hat about 2 inches apart.


Dayija said...

I really love this hat!!!! Hello Kitty is my all time fav!!! But I don't think I can master crocheting.

By the way,

I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out!

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me said...

LOVE this!!! Thank you so much for these wonderful patterns!

suzi said...

i just found your blog !!!!!! plz keep posting your patterns !!!! how long did it take to do this hat? my daughter in law will be getting this for christmas....i hope !!

Amy said...

Thanks, a couple months now, plan on posting as often as I can, I really enjoy it.

NicMarie84 said...

This is so adorable! Question: how can you do the pattern for the one with the ear flaps in an adult size? Thank you for your awesome patterns!

Amy said... go to link and do the ear flaps with a J hook.

Candis said...

Thanks very much for the adult hello kitty hat. I'm going to try to add the ear flaps today!
Take Care,

adorkablemom said...

thank you so much for all of your patterns! I love them!

Chiquita Lowe said...

Thanks for sharing. I will be using this pattern for a group of kids at shelter for Christmas.

Helen said...

I just finished this for my daughter. She loooves it! Thx for posting!!!

suzi said...

are u on facebook?

Amy said...

Yes I have my fb address on top of my blog

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Thank you so much for these wonderful blog patterns love this.
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